Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign



It’s been 3 years since I step foot in Netherlands and It never failed to impress me. I love this old windmill in zwolle. it’s so foreign to me. windmills are everywhere in Netherlands but they always fascinates me. The houses near the canal?! oh I love it. walking through the houses is like walking in a showroom because you can see the inside of the dutch house with their big windows. Its all foreign to me.


This kind of day

Do you have this kind of day that you don’t want to do anything? You’re craving for something you can’t figure out what. That you just want to lay in your couch and let your mind wander on its own.

I think, this is my day!

So, I’m feeling down today and the weather. oh! the weather. why so gloomy.

Then I decided to open the television. I have little variety of english speaking channels. MTV is the first choice. oke. why not! MTV has been helping me a lot to passby my mornings. The program is America’s best dance crew. Its finals day! oke. no idea. just watched it. they were interviewing the finalist and telling their own stories and Voila! my tears are falling! the hell! oke! oke! it was a touching story though. They also featured Katy Perry’s this is a part of me “the movie”. hhhmmm, I downloaded it. maybe I will be inspired by her. why not! Very successful artist have a nice story to tell.

Then, I’m feeling hungry. oke! what to eat?! look at the fridge and I can’t decide. close it.  check my facebook. close it. check wordpress. close it. I’m hungry! So, I end up having this for lunch.


Chips and a cola.

I feel guilty about it. 1st, its not healthy at all. 2nd, its not healthy. 3rd, not healthy. oke! who cares! it’s just today. promise! no more chips shopping any time soon.

So, I put “the movie” on play. colorful blanket on my lap. chips on my hand. cola on standby. gloomy weather on my window view. As Katy broke her heart, I was crying with her. oh gosh! this hormones! then, I thought, maybe I’m hiding something to myself. I keep saying “I’m fine” yet am not. Or maybe I’m too happy here and soon I need to go back again to rome. Or maybe, I’m too scared to admit to myself that I’m scared. oke! oke! I’m over analyzing myself here. It will pass. just like every storm. the rainbow will shine again. its just a day. 🙂

I hope you are having a good day!!

Autumn it is! Laag Zuthem, Overijssel

My Boyfriend is fond of Nature. He rather spent time in the park lying in the grass with his beer than going to the noisy, busy centrum. Last Sunday, we went to this park, 30 minutes away (bike ride) in Laag Zuthem. I was so impatient getting there since I was just sitting at the back of his bike (we haven’t found a nice lady bike that suits for my height).

This is the Entrance of the Park.


They welcome us with big high trees. Image

This is what boyfriend wanted me to see. romantic isn’t it? I love it!! too bad I don’t own a tripod. it would be a perfect place for a couples picture. Image

The Scary Tree..


Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out.” the tree saysImage

Long path ahead of us! Its foggy!


This is where I found the beautiful mushrooms.Image





The Mansion in the middle of the forestImage


It was a nice day! not too cold not too warm just enough to enjoy the day. Another long ride back home. Don’t you love Autumn? I just love autumn, as well as Spring.

Hutspot met rookworst — A typical dutch winter meal

So, boyfriend decided to cook today. Something “dutch” he said. Hutspot you called it. Its made of Mashed potatoes, carrots and onion. then, we just need to put some gravy on it and smoked sausage. hhhmmm, oke! sound nice and edible.

We hardly have dutch food on our table. We always cook italian, filipino or something invented. He always said I wont like dutch food because I don’t like beans. C’mon maybe there is some other food that doesn’t include beans. I think, It’s time to taste some real dutch home cooking.


So, the verdict?! hhhhmmm.. “lekker” as dutch would people say. True, its a simple meal that every people will like plus its easy to cook. This is the first time boyfriend cooked it and it was perfect and delicious. kudos for you boyfriend. Maybe we should try more of dutch food.