Healthy living ?!?


Boyfriend been bugging me to eat fruits. He keep telling me that its healthy etc. of course  I already know that. I’m just 100% lazy. that’s all. I always gave him funny excuses like I drink fruit juice today so, that counts as a fruit or I’m eating tomatoes today. its a fruit. Then give him a big grin.

Well, I’m not a fruit person. I like some of the fruits but I can just stare at them and ignore them. Unless, some good people will prepare it for me (e.g mom) or I’m really craving for it. So today, I decided to be a good obedient girlfriend and eat 6 pcs of strawberries. We are trying to eat healthy as much as possible but when you are alone. hmmmm… i think its a bit difficult.

This strawberries are not the sweetest I’ve tasted but they are photogenic. 🙂

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