Dutch food on the go

This is one of my favorite thing about Netherlands. You won’t go hungry. In every station, there are  different variety of fast food stall. From french fries, pasta on the box, rice on the box, burger, starbucks, kiosk etc.

Smullers is the main resident in every station. They are cheap and lekker (good).


I normally order Fries with ketchup


But, this one is new to my taste. It’s with sate, mayo and onions. It looks weird but its worth the try. This is my new favorite. heel lekker 🙂


Sweet Chili Burger

Sorry for the bites, I’m so excited to taste it and its delicious. for 2€ you will be full and i think its better than Mcdo’s burgers. The Pineapple gives the sweetness. nice combo.


This is everywhere too. warm snack for 1.20 – 2€. Not bad for hungry stomach.


Boyfriend said I must try the “kroket”.

Its Dutch delicacies from leftovers. So, here I am trying my first kroket. it’s crispy in the outside and soft in the inside and the taste?! lekker. Oh! I’m loving dutch food. 🙂 I also had the taste of Frikandel — dutch version of hotdog.


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