Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

What are you Thankful for?

I’m thankful to have wonderful people in my life. Family. Friends. and my So-called- family here in Rome. There are the best. I couldn’t asked for more.

And I’m also Thankful for having him.


This is way back 2009. We started our love story.


 I needed to transferred to Rome and he joined me. I had hard time dealing with changes and his there to support me.

and then our long distance relationship started…


Goodbye’s are the hardest part. Tears are shed and you are back to your old routine.  And you are alone again.

We promised to see each other as soon as everything is settled for me. May 2011 Fiumicino Airport.

And then we give up. I give up. I had a relationship and he was looking for his own. We still share events in our lives.

He is always there when I need someone to talked to. He knows me so well. I cried to him when I couldn’t take it anymore.

I asked for advice for my new relationship. He was there during my tough times. And he never left me. Things didn’t went well with my new relationship.


I guess after all this time. We are bound to be together. Thank you for your love. For being my friend. adviser. counselor. everything.

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